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Many organisations get this far down the list and then ring us. After all, the bottom two are really difficult. If simply telling people how we want them to behave worked, we would invest in a few posters or a video and every safety culture would be healthy and robust. The truth is that building a sustainable safety culture is a complex blend of Behaviours, Attitudes and Environmental factors, that’s where our expertise comes in.


Developing effective, robust safety cultures means working on different themes, across a range of organisational levels; after all there’s no one silver bullet that magically delivers sustained cultural change.

As each of the clients we work with has it’s own unique challenges, how best to support them is a case of horses-for-courses, so we design tailored programmes based on this stable of products:

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Safety Leadership

Working with Senior Leaders to interpret and understand safety strategy as it impacts their division or asset. Through this programme we help leaders identify key cultural drivers and develop clear and incisive actions to ensure the activation of safety strategy.

This practical workshop focuses on

  • Setting the safety agenda
  • Clarifying expectations
  • Getting buy in
  • Personal leadership responsibility
  • Ensuring change is sustainable

Managers and Supervisors


SafetyWise® is a 3-day programme which guarantees the building of skills and the changes in behaviour of supervisors and managers.  The programme blends drama-based learning with coaching support, workshop sessions and opportunities to apply the learning both in simulated and live in the workplace.  This unique course also includes a follow-up session and embedded assessment to ensure that those who pass through the programme actually apply the learning and start making a difference to your safety culture.

Safety Coaching

Not every client needs the full 3-day SafetyWise® programme and therefore we have a suite of training courses under the banner of Safety Coaching.  We tailor a training course or programme for you with half, one and two day options available depending on what you are trying to achieve and the current skills and experience of the target group.  Follow the links to learn more about the course or see the impact the course had on one of our clients.

Taskforce Challenge

Many of our clients have invested time and effort in the development of their managers and supervisors and are confident that they have the necessary knowledge and skills – but they want to see these managers make more of an impact back in the workplace.  So we developed the Taskforce Challenge.  This 1-day programme blends workshop input with practical on-site problem solving; identifying improvement opportunities and developing ideas which can make an immediate, measureable difference to safety performance on-site.

Toolbox Talks

Whilst many organisations have well established Toolbox Talks processes, often the first line managers and supervisors running these sessions have had little or no training to help them make the most of them.  That is exactly what this interactive workshop does.  Blending practical delivery tips with plenty of practice and structured feedback, the course enables managers and supervisors to engage their teams and effectively communicate key safety messages


Safety Specialists

Incident Investigation

Incident investigation is part of a constant cycle of learning and improving. Our investigation programme contains a unique case study approach that allows delegates to practice using effective root cause analysis and interview tools in the four evidence areas of People, Parts, Positions and Paperwork.  Follow the links to learn more about the course or see the impact the course had on one of our clients.

Safety Change Agents

Where key individuals within the operation have been given specific responsibility for championing safety, embedding initiatives and catalysing change it is critical that these people are given the necessary support – after all this role hasn’t been their historic day-job.  This programme has been designed for these groups and blends a deeper understanding of the drivers of safety behaviours, practical change management and advanced safety coaching techniques.  The programme is also available as nationally recognised qualification accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Integrating Contractor Cultures

Increasingly the challenge facing businesses is how to integrate and align the safety cultures of principal contractors or JV partners.  Ensuring multiple safety cultures compliment each other and messages don’t become mixed, requires conscious thought and effort.  This course has been designed to support teams who are wrestling with this issue and focuses on the factors that drive cultural variance and the practical steps that can be taken to ensure alignment.

SHE Team Development

Although effective safety cultures require everyone to take ownership there is still a pivotal, enabling role for specialist safety teams. We work with specialists on issues like roles and responsibilities and the skills, tools and techniques required to be that effective partner to line management.


Safety Awareness

Getting in the Driving Seat

Statistically speaking, for the majority of people, driving is the most dangerous thing they will do whilst at work.  However despite organisations being able to produce significant advances in safe working practices and behaviours in the most hazardous working environments, people’s ‘driving behaviours’ have proved much harder to affect.  Developed as part of a programme run in conjunction with RoSPA, this course focuses on building positive driving habits and how to reframe our reactions to personal and situational driving issues. Above all it is designed to be practical and supply participants with real working ‘tools’ they can use in their day to day lives.

Conference Sessions

Keeping large numbers of people interested and engaged at a conference event is no mean feat. Thankfully, Macnaughton McGregor has many years’ experience and an impressive track record in doing exactly that.

Feedback from our conference events is universally positive. Our unique drama based approach ensures that the central messages of your conference are delivered in a memorable, enjoyable and impactful way.

Tailored Engagement Workshops

This programme is aimed at operator level and designed to increase risk awareness and create a culture of positive intervention, ownership and pro-active engagement. Our drama-based safety team know how to engage with people and create an enjoyable and impactful atmosphere, whilst getting difficult messages across.


Delegate experience

“The course is a novel, engaging and entertaining way of covering what can be dry subject matter.”

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