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SafetyWise® is the natural and guaranteed next step for your behavioural safety culture. The three-day programme uses our immersive, high impact approach to develop the mindsets and skills for individuals to make meaningful change. 

Ideal for supervisors, first line managers and safety professionals, SafetyWise® activates a safety culture, getting your improvement plans and safety values 'off the page'. 


Tailored to your organisation  

The SafetyWise® programme is fully tailored to reflect the organisation and it's processes. We would work with you to agree specific outcomes, the key priorities and the impact you want each individual and the group to make. The programme is delivered using the following framework:  

  • Day 1: using our unique drama learning methods, the group work together to build their skills, and challenge their mindsets on safety and safety practices.
  • Day 2: skills developed and practiced in the workshop are taken out on site where each individual receives coaching while carrying out observations, team briefs and safety conversations.
  • Day 3: SafetyWise® is about activating change, not just talking about change. Therefore 4-6 weeks later, we revisit the group to check in on progress, build on successes and explore further opportunities. We use group coaching techniques to build on the positive and breakthrough challenges for further lasting change. 

Guaranteed change

Our SafetyWise® programme builds the knowledge, skills and confidence of your people to:

  • proactively lead safety change where it matters – on the frontline
  • use our unique coaching model to carry out effective safety engagement conversations
  • positively reinforce good behaviours and provide feedback, delivered in a constructive way
  • put forward positive safety messages, even in challenging circumstances
  • contribute positively in group settings, helping to manage objective discussion and group problem solving
  • improve the use and effectiveness of current safety systems

Our guarantee? On completion of the full three days, we have evidenced that each person can and has made change happen. They have embedded new habits which will last and have influenced others to change. Only then do we sign them off as SafetyWise®. 

Client feedback
2macs have been instrumental in helping us to improve the safety culture across our business, their interactive and drama based sessions have really engaged the workforce and made a lasting impression, their understanding of how to get messages across and embed them into the workforce as enabled us to take our safety culture to a new level. All of their presenters are excellent and have really engaged with the groups
Dave Jones
Group Health, Safety & Environmental Manager PD Ports
I personally have to say that I never had as much fun at a Health and Safety Course, while constantly having a mirror put up in front of us, reflecting our own actions and at the same time learning and practicing practical tools, that we now have available in our personal toolbox.
Elfriede Bretterklieber-Taye
Director Campact Ltd, Egger
We’re now sure that each person can and has “walked the talk”. They have made personal changes but more than that they have worked together on making a broader set of positive changes.