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We deliver tailored workshops across organisations, to provide a common framework, point of reference and shared language which can then be used to create an inclusive, psychologically safe, working environment.

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion 

Whether you’re looking to improve productivity & effectiveness; enhance employee experience & engagement; create an environment of psychological safety… or maybe a bit of all of the above… then we have programmes that can help you make that difference.

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Going further with EDDIE!

Our mascot for this area of training and support is the lovely EDDIE. Everything we do in this space is built around the following bedrock, interlocking principles:

  • Equality:  Creating equity by giving everyone the same chance to participate and succeed. There are rights and entitlements… but there are many more barriers to be removed than those covered by equality laws!
  • Diversity: Removing barriers to participation and success isn’t enough. We have to actively recruit, promote and communicate to ensure we get the resultant diversity of employee, customer, service user or supplier.
  • Difference:  But what’s the price of participation? This is about involvement without always conforming to existing norms… it’s about how we not only ‘celebrate difference’ but truly capitalise diversity benefits.
  • Inclusion:  This is about mainstreaming. For the benefits of diversity and difference to be felt there has to be a ‘golden thread’ that links our mindsets, language, default positions and how we deal with conflict.
  • Engagement:  To ensure effective ongoing participation and involvement employers can’t be passive. This is about the things we need to do to establishing a culture of where consultation and collaboration are default positions.
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Tailored training to support

We work with our clients to design and deliver engaging and informative training, either in person or online. The following key workshops are the foundation of our programmes:

  • Building Inclusive Workplaces: A session for all employees, taking them through the key principles, focusing on the key behaviours required and ending with their own personal part in making this happen.
  • Leading Inclusive Workplaces: A longer session for a managers and team leaders that covers the same content as the ‘all employee’ session, but then focuses on their specific role in creating and sustaining that environment and the leadership and management behaviours required.

We also work with EDI and HR specialists to develop and implement their strategic plans.

Client feedback
We are proud to be associated with Macnaughton McGregor.
Caroline Wallace
Head of HR – Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, University of Edinburgh