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Why People Choose Us

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One word: partnership 

We are firm believers in the mantra "training isn't done to you, but with you". Everything we do starts with a conversation and we focus time and energy in getting to know you, what you need, how the training request fits in with other plans and how we can work in partnership well.

We tailor all of our work, focusing on the practical outcomes needed to make positive change. Where drama is used it is always impactful. Our drama team are phenomenal in creating characters and drama sessions to reflect the reality of delegate groups and then building rapport and energy, guiding them to personal and team actions.

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And we're canny!

Based in the North East of England, we are never shy in putting in some good old Geordie terms. But joking aside, we value our working relationships above everything. Our driving aim is to help people and organisations to thrive and we do that with positivity and energy.


Experts in experiential learning

Our team is made up of facilitators, coaches, experienced actors, script writers as well as specialists in HR, employment law, safety and strategy.

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