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Safety Awareness

Our high-impact and memorable drama techniques engage your people in a unique way, enabling them to think and behave differently. Our courses equip everyone with the awareness and tools they need to stay safe and to keep each other safe.  

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High impact in half a day

The half day workshop is aimed at engaging all front-line operatives in safety.  

Very often the hardest part of raising safety awareness is making the message stick and to turn safety values into tangible onsite actions.  

All our training uses high impact, interactive drama-based methods which allow participants to practice practical intervention skills in a supportive environment. This makes delivery engaging, memorable, challenging and something all too often missing on safety programmes…enjoyable!   

safety awareness

Tailored to your culture

Each workshop is written specifically to reflect your organisation's working culture. Through bespoke design and character development, we use drama to create a safe environment for people to explore how individual attitudes and actions can contribute to the overall safety culture of the company. Through the process people see their behaviours in a different light, getting them ready for change.

Our Safety Awareness sessions don't stop there. We build skills to enable all members of the workforce to feel comfortable to speak up and challenge unsafe acts. It encourages responsibility to report unsafe conditions and to take ownership of corrective actions where appropriate.  


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Making lasting change 

We work with clients to develop an interdependent culture. One which is based on awareness and responsibility; awareness of what needs to change and the responsibility to implement the actions that are needed for this change.  

If you see it, you own it.      

Our sessions are used regularly to support:

  • General safety awareness
  • Shutdowns
  • Start ups
  • Inductions
  • Contractor orientation
  • Refreshment session
  • Initiative launching
Client feedback
John Sisk & Son have worked with Macnaughton McGregor since 2020 and from start to finish their appreciation of our needs, understanding of our business and drive to go above and beyond has left us with a suite of experiences which are simply brilliant, and could not be replicated though traditional means. Macnaughton McGregor have again excelled in putting together immersive, engaging workshops – the first of which have been rolled out and the feedback confirms that the messages are landing, staying with people, and driving change.
John Sisk & Son
The guys were fantastic and adapted to the needs of the audience very well – we’ve had some really good feedback about the session they delivered.
David Francis
Head of Distribution Capital Delivery UK Power Networks
As always, a very engaging, funny presentation that everyone thoroughly enjoyed and found rewarding. We are talking about delivering another engagement day next year and we would also like to invite you again to deliver something similar but this time on a larger scale. Thank you so much for the interactive presentation and please pass on our thanks to your team.
Andy Moore
Head of QHSE Solutions30