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Incident Investigation

In an ideal world there would be no need for incident investigations as accidents and incidents would be eliminated.  Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world.  If accidents and incidents do happen, it’s vitally important that we take from them as much learning as possible. 

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A fully immersive experience 

We prepare your people for investigations by...immersing them in a tailored drama-based incident simulation. We take them through the investigative process allowing them to examine work scenes' schematics, inspect permits, review procedures and interview witnesses.

Our two day programme gives people a structured process that helps them to take a rigorous and analytical approach to investigating incidents, uncovering real root causes and making effective recommendations.

Navigating this process, participants are able to put sound theory into sound practice and turn knowledge into practical skills.  We equip people to investigate.  


The human factor

During the programme your people will learn the practical steps when carrying out an effective investigations but critically they will explore and have to deal with the human element. The reactions and responses of witnesses and key stakeholders who will test the all important communication and objective reasoning skills of the group.

Navigating through to good quality and informed investigations is the aim and the experience of having to deal with all aspects is what sets our programme apart.    

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What transferable benefits will there be?

The transferable benefits of this programme are: 

  • effective systemic hazard control
  • reduction of potential lost time incidents and asset damage
  • improved gathering of data and analytical skills
  • a wider pool of people with investigatory competence
  • improved interpersonal skills 

Our two day programme is suitable for anyone likely to be involved in investigating incidents. No prior experience is required. 

Client feedback
The 2macs workshops really brought our health and safety culture to life by providing engaging and thought provoking events. Their delivery methods were energetic and provided a different perspective on how we think about health and safety, which has resulted in safety habits being changed forever.
Louise Terry
L&D Manager, The Royal Mint
The feedback recently has been extremely encouraging, ranging from “never experienced anything like this before” to, “wow, so the guys really get this”.
Brilliant course with very engaging, enthusiastic course leaders. It will aid in any future Incident Investigation for the whole team. Excellent tool to take back to the workplace.
Breedon Aggregates