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Safety Coaching

Good coaching skills build and maintain safety cultures. Where people take ownership for their own actions and issues are talked through in real time.     

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Coaching to keep people safe 

Our interactive two day programme is primarily aimed at supervisors and first line managers, the key people responsible for ensuring the everyday translation of company values into on site actions. 

We take them through an immersive workshop experience followed by onsite coaching to make sure that their skills are developed in real conversations.  

The focus is to provide participants with a legacy of skills that enables interdependent cultural development long after the training has been delivered.  

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Immersive workshop experience

Our Safety Coaching programme kicks off with an interactive and immersive workshop where we use our unique drama-based case study. Tailored to your organisation our skilled drama facilitators bring the issues to life in a way that encourages engagement and learning.

We introduce a number of practical coaching and behavioural models specifically designed to raise awareness of hazards and drive a culture of engagement and responsibility. Throughout the day we provide practical tools that will help your supervisors and managers positively shape peoples’ behaviour.   


Onsite coaching to accelerate change 

Two central principles to all Macnaughton McGregor training are skills build and practicality. We do not just present abstract information to build solely knowledge.  Knowledge is only of use when it is turned into skills and applied.

On day two we coach participants conducting real safety conversations, with their own teams, in their own working environment in order to build confidence and support positive  commitment. We turn supervisors from ‘one of the team with a badge’ into leaders capable of holding positive coaching conversations and driving tangible onsite change.  


Client feedback
John Sisk & Son have worked with Macnaughton McGregor since 2020 and from start to finish their appreciation of our needs, understanding of our business and drive to go above and beyond has left us with a suite of experiences which are simply brilliant, and could not be replicated though traditional means. Macnaughton McGregor have again excelled in putting together immersive, engaging workshops – the first of which have been rolled out and the feedback confirms that the messages are landing, staying with people, and driving change.
John Sisk & Son