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Management Training

Tailored practical training to help managers to thrive in their role.

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Helping managers to use their strengths

We help managers to use their strengths well, develop their skills and create strategies to cope with those demands which will perhaps forever remain on the uncomfortable list! 

We provide practical training courses as well as one to one and group coaching. The list of 'presenting topics' is long but our aim is always the same: to enable managers to go from drowning or surviving to thriving. 

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Tailored training programmes

With over 20 years of experience in designing and delivering programmes we have worked with a large number of clients across a full range of learning topics. We have a catalogue of training materials to draw upon and relish the task of tailoring it to specific needs, making sure it’s bang up to date and of practical help.

Our approach is always to create interactive and engaging workshops either delivered in person or online. Where additional impact and skills practice is needed we would build in the use of drama based learning techniques which accelerates learning in a safe environment.

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Learning library!

Management skills is a broad term and through constant research and a commitment to our own development we keep our content and resources up to date and interesting. By way of illustration, core topics that are often requested by clients include:

  • Employee life cycle and the managers role at each stage
  • Recruitment interviewing
  • Performance appraisal and engagement
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Leading continuous improvement
  • Delegation and motivation
  • Coaching skills as a manager
  • Building working relationships and collaboration
  • Managing conflict and mediation techniques for the manager
  • Building inclusive workplaces
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Planning for positive change

We build on previous training and work with groups to refresh skills, map the personal development to the expectations of the roles and plan actions for positive change.

For us, it’s about change, not talking about change so we work hard to make sure people feel enabled, confident and supported to try different approaches.

Client feedback
The Student First Programme is a major business change and improvement initiative which aims to make UCLan an even better place to study, work and do business. The success of the implementation team has been underpinned by the outstanding leadership development that they’ve received during sessions designed and delivered by Frances McKenzie from 2macs. Her sessions have zeroed in on the change management and internal consultancy skills that are required in order to effect meaningful change within a people-centric organisation. Several members of the team have commented on how Frances’ style has made it possible for the first time to translate change management theory into real, practical ‘on the ground’ action.
David Becker
Director of Corporate Operations, University of Central Lancashire
For years I have struggled with imposter syndrome, something which I feel has held me back in applying for promotion opportunities at work. With the support of coaching from Audrey, I was able to work through this challenge and succeeded at interview for my dream job as an NHS Director! Huge thank you to Audrey.
Amy Muldoon NHS