Incident investigation

Learning from the past
Building for the future

Ask questions, analyse data, uncover the facts and make recommendations.

If that’s what it takes then just how hard can it be to carry out an incident investigation?

As you probably know the answer is “Very!”

Often the information presented just scratches the surface or is subjective and vague culminating in unworkable recommendations. On other occasions reading these reports simply feels like groundhog day with the same presenting symptoms appearing time and time again but no discernible progress!

So what do we do? Our course gives people a structured process that helps them take a rigorous but manageable approach to investigations. We do this at the same time as developing the personal skills investigators need to get people on board whilst remaining objective and which enable them to challenge without being accusatory and inflammatory.

Using our drama based simulation we immerse people in the process so that they come out the other end able to immediately run an effective investigation.


It is important people have the right tools and techniques to be able to do an effective investigation. But there is more to an investigation than simply knowing what a barrier analysis is or what a timeline looks like. Mindset and interpersonal skills form a vital part of the investigators personal toolkit.

Incident Investigation

This incident investigation training course not only covers a range of practical investigative techniques but also instils the vital mental rigor and subtle communication skills needed in order to conduct a meaningful, rounded incident investigation.

A unique drama based simulation runs through the entire two days of the incident investigation training course. Delegates are able to examine work scenes, inspect permits, review procedures and interview witnesses in order to gather evidence. Through the simulation they practically demonstrate their ability analyse these very different forms of evidence in order to fully understand how to establish root causes.

Once there is an understanding of the nature of root causes delegates are led through a process of how to make practical and powerful recommendations in order that the benefits of learning have the widest possible application.

Delegate experience

“Other incident investigation courses I have been on pale into insignificance compared to the 2macs course”

Our aim is that any attendee who successfully completes this course can walk out and immediately apply what they have learnt and conduct an effective incident investigation that produces a series of clear, insightful and workable recommendations.

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