When bringing in experts
is the wise choice

Why do clients come to us? 

You’d expect us to be experts in our subjects, and to design and deliver effective training programmes and of course that’s what we do. But the real secret to having a long list of happy clients lies in how we do it.  

We focus our efforts on making a tangible, lasting difference to our clients’ businesses.  Our ability to bring a fresh perspective on issues and act as a catalyst for change goes way beyond the traditional approaches. 

We help clients build on what they already have, strengthening links between people and departments to bring about organisational change that has real commercial value.


Our focus

We add value through:

  • engaging training methods
  • inspiring real learning
  • delivering business impact

Our Team


Audrey Macnaughton

Right from the outset of her managerial career in the financial services sector, Audrey had a keen interest in the development of people. She moved into specialist training roles but retained her business focus i.e. the development of people had to be results oriented, it had to add value to the business. Audrey set up 2macs and that value-add ethos has remained at the heart of everything we do.

Her areas of specialism are helping leadership teams to develop business strategies, often using Hoshin Kanri methodologies to guide change and support individual leaders to develop their personal insight. Audrey is a very experienced MBTI licence holder using both Step I and Step II as a key tool for team and individual development.

Enthusiastic   Thorough   Outspoken


Richard Boardman

With over 25 years experience in HR and change management roles at all levels from hands-on practitioner to the board room, Richard brings a unique blend of strategic insight and straight-talking Rochdalian pragmatism.

He is a skilled facilitator and an insightful coach, helping groups and individuals to get clarity on the things that really matter.

Through the application of lean principles he encourages people to focus on what really does add value and helps clients to structure their businesses to best effect. He has particular expertise in conflict resolution and mediation which he applies in partnership with our drama team to deliver our very successful Mediating Conflict training course.

Hard-working   Considered   Unflappable (horizontal)


Harry Gallagher

One of our most experienced actor facilitators, Harry works with clients to design innovative training courses that use a myriad of drama techniques to explore and improve influencing, coaching and leadership skills.

He specialises in behavioural safety, customer service, managing performance and courageous conversations, particularly enjoying the challenge of responding quickly and effectively to the changing needs of a training room.

Using his early career experience as a works manager in the steel industry and an area manager in financial services, Harry delivers realistic scenarios dealing with real situations in order to bring about lasting learning.

Energetic   Writer   Naughty


Shaun Curry

The vast majority of the programmes Shaun designs and delivers are in behavioural safety. His main focus is to dig behind observable acts to find out what drives them. Shaun started in the area of behavioural safety in the early 90s designing and delivering training predominantly within the oil and gas industry and has delivered training courses all over the world.

What still gets him out of bed in the morning after almost 22 years is the idea of never knowing where he will be next, from platforms to windfarms, from reservoirs to gas plants; each has its unique challenges.

Thinker   Innovator   Short


Frances McKenzie

Specialising in organisational development, Frances combines her naturally warm, empathic style with her 20 years experience in leading change programmes to achieve results.

Frances is a talented coach and facilitator with a genuine interest in people and their development. She creates strong collaborative working relationships, supporting leaders to be the best they can be.

Her areas of interest and expertise are individual coaching, group coaching, MBTI, FIRO-B and brand activation and integration.

Calm   Empathic   Edinburgh


Steve Duncan

With extensive experience at Procter and Gamble and IBM Steve is an outstanding HR generalist with detailed knowledge of acquisitions, divestitures, organisation development and a wide range of management training courses.

He uses his experience of ‘big-company thinking’ and applies that to small businesses and SMEs who benefit from good, timely and strategic HR advice. From support on HR processes and documentation through to handling complex disciplinary and grievance cases, Steve gains a great deal of satisfaction helping clients through difficult issues and seeing them through safely on the other side.

Considered   Knowledgeable   Direct


Philip Harrison

Philip uses his training and experience as an actor, writer and director to design innovative drama based training courses for clients. He has exceptional facilitation skills and consistently delivers realistic scenarios and characters that groups can engage with, helping them to develop their skills.

He is particularly focused on helping teams to improve communication and influencing skills and as an exceptional workplace coach he helps people to make real changes to their approach, making workplaces safer and more effective.

Committed   Patient   Hirsute


James Harris

James enjoys all aspects of being a drama trainer but particularly taking training course participants on a journey from “I’m not sure I even want to do this” to “tell me more!”.

Perhaps it’s his experience as a presenter and filmmaker for TV and radio that drives him to engage a group but then again maybe it’s the fact that he is also a very funny comedian, having written for Shooting Stars and doing standup himself we can vouch for his ability to capture crowds.

Whatever his motivation he is a skilled and committed facilitator who makes a difference on all of our behavioural safety training courses.

Energetic   Insightful   Comic-genius


Linda Sim

Delivering innovative and impactful training courses for clients takes organisation, and Linda is the key to operations at 2macs.

She makes sure all of our trainers and coaches are prepared and in the right place at the right time and uses her strong project management skills to make sure that all the communication and paperwork flows as it should.

Supportive   Organised   Long-suffering