Enhancing customer experience

Never a burden
Always more than a smile

“You’re serving a customer, not a life sentence!”

This was the basis of a conversation we had with a manager a while ago and we never forgot it. It sums up how little energy people can apply to their job of serving customers and it also sums up the despair that managers can feel in trying to engage people.

If you feel like this manager and you’re looking to motivate and energise your people then our bespoke customer service training approach is for you.


Leading Customer Excellence

Improving your Net Promoter Score isn’t just about the teams on the front line. Consequently we work with leaders and managers on developing a culture and operating environment that places customers at the heart of everything we do.

These sessions are about understanding what it takes to turn your company’s brand promise into a reality, every time, with everyone.

Delivering the Customer Experience

Every customer will experience a moment of truth when they decide whether or not your business delivers on its promises. These moments are almost always in the hands of your front line teams. We design and deliver bespoke customer service programmes to help those teams to spot these opportunities and develop their skills, style and approach to make the very best of every chance they get to wow your customers.

If it was as simple as just telling people what to do we would just buy posters and stick them on the wall. However, to get real buy in we need to change attitudes and mindsets as well as improving skills. That’s why we use drama-based learning in our programmes making each session engaging and impactful.

See how this works in practice…

 Drama-Based Training Course

Conferences & Events

From venue launches to annual conferences our innovative drama team can engage the audience in a fun way whilst still getting the key messages over. Drama “holds up the mirror” on customer reality and exposes the impact individuals can have on customer experience.

NPS doesn’t improve by itself, sometimes you’ve got to show people what delivering customer excellence actually looks like!


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