Learning through drama

Aping reality
Not monkeying around

Wherever people interact there is a chance of miscommunication, lack of harmony or full blown mistrust. It’s equally true that good working relationships can be built on a framework of understanding and well developed interpersonal skills.

These are complex issues and it takes ages to cover each key element in a traditional training session.  Using drama-based training techniques makes difficult subjects more accessible, provides a fast-track so you can positively impact critical attitudes and behaviours as well as creating an opportunity for authentic skills practice.


Our drama team are trained actors and facilitators and they put across complex human interactions in an accessible way. Our tried and tested interpersonal drama techniques allow people to practice interpersonal strategies in a supportive, non-threatening environment.

Don’t worry though, you don’t have to ham it up doing role play, our skilled drama based facilitators do the acting, so you don’t have to! All people need to do is to arrive at the workshop or conference and we do the rest. They will get absorbed in the topics and experience the reactions and emotions that will make them think and feel differently.

Drama lends itself to a number of different topic areas and below is a list of interpersonal training through drama courses that we have designed and delivered recently for clients

  • Courageous conversations
  • Peer reviews
  • Stress management
  • Delivering customer excellence
  • Dignity at work
  • Managing conflict
  • Presenting
  • Resident safeguarding
  • Personal impact
  • Negotiation
  • Influencing skills

These interpersonal drama training courses all have at their centre the human being and the most effective way of practically addressing these topics is through the use of drama. This way, course attendees can back up the sound techniques they have learned with actually practising on a variety of characters. By structuring the course like this, we can truly respond to real life issues and challenges the participants face in their everyday roles as the course progresses.

Each client’s culture is unique that’s why all of our drama based scenarios are carefully researched and designed specifically for our clients so as the learning is always recognisable and relevant.

Watch our team using some of these techniques…

Drama-Based Training Course