HR Newsletter #81 April 2016 (Employment Law Changes)

Employment Law Changes April 2016


The Following Changes to UK Employment Law come into force in this month

  1. National living wage to be introduced and doubling of the penalties to £20k for non-payment of the national minimum wage and living wage, as well as possible disqualification of directors.
  2. Financial penalties to be imposed on employers who fail to pay an employment tribunal award or ACAS settlement.
  3. Employment tribunal postponement provisions to come into force (to stop parties continually delaying proceedings)
  4. Employment tribunal limits to increase (a week’s pay will be £479, the maximum basic award will be £14,370 and the maximum compensatory award will be the lower of £78,962 and 52 weeks’ actual gross pay). A day’s pay is kept frozen at £26 (for lay-offs)
  5. Statutory sick pay, statutory maternity pay, statutory paternity pay, statutory adoption pay and shared parental pay to stay the same.
  6. The new single tier state pension comes into force (no more SERPS/ S2P) and also no more contacting out certificates.
  7. NI contributions are abolished for apprentices under the age of 25