Confidence to listen
Skills to be heard

Clear constructive conversations make all the difference.

The difference to people, performance, productivity and overall business and organisational success.

But hand on heart, despite all the management training, the leadership coaching, the performance systems as well as your time, effort and support are people still talking around issues and simply missing the point?

If this sounds familiar and you want the breakthrough, our high-impact PlainSpeak course will galvanise your people so they just start doing it.


What you get

If your business is one that has senior HR, OD and L&D professionals and members of your Senior Leadership Teams asking “why is this not happening?” and/or “why don’t they just do it?” then you are exactly the type of organisation we had in mind when developing PlainSpeak. At its heart, PlainSpeak is all about ‘getting the small talk right’, spotting, seeking-out or creating leadership and management opportunities and then making them count.  It’s about building up trust by ‘cleaning up’ language so the audience can actually understand, and then engage, with what it is managers have to say and then listening… really listening, so misconceptions can be clarified and concerns effectively addressed.

If you get this right, then what you see in practice are conversations going beyond the ‘comfortable chat’; conversations that provide focus, catalyse action and ensure responsibility and accountability sit where you need them to sit – all managed in ways that engage and align.

Effective performance management goes way beyond the formal systems you have in place, it’s about all those other opportunities throughout the year, and organisations with effective performance cultures make the most of these critical moments. PlainSpeak has been designed to help you do exactly that.

Who it’s for

We’ve designed PlainSpeak for managers who have probably already done (or are doing) a fair amount of leadership and management development – but as an organisation you’re probably not seeing the full dividends; you’ve built capability, but you’re not yet seeing the return on investment you’d hoped for, individually or collectively. That’s not to blame or criticise this target group – it’s probably more a reflection of the fact that we’ve developed awareness, understanding and perception – but effective performance cultures are about doing as well as thinking, and that’s where PlainSpeak is focused.

What we do

Each ½ day course uses a blend of drama-based techniques and more traditional facilitation. Delivered either as a standalone session, or as an integrated part of a wider programme, PlainSpeak develops skills, hones technique and builds confidence.

Working within your existing performance management framework and tailored to the specific challenges your people face, PlainSpeak is designed to make the most of the infrastructure you’ve already built, the tools you’ve already put in place and the time and effort you have invested in your management population.

PlainSpeak not only develops capability but ensures it can be effectively deployed – turning each and every conversation into a potential leadership or management opportunity so they really do provide focus, catalyse action and ensure responsibility and accountability sit where you need them to sit.

How do we do that? The trainers we use for these sessions are not only experienced facilitators, they’re actors who are experts at applying drama-based techniques to management development. As a result, participants get to work with a range of authentic characters in recognisable situations in a mixture of structured exercises, scripted scenes and improved practise sessions.  It’s a high-impact, high-energy delivery approach intended to have an immediate and demonstrable effect – our aim is to have everyone applying the learning the minute they walk back into the workplace and strike up the first conversation.