Mediating conflict

Breaking stalemates
Building bridges

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone in every workplace got on with each other, even when under pressure? 

Meanwhile back in the real world…

Conflicts happen, it’s how you manage them that counts. What is your approach? Is it to split up the warring parties, dig deep until one leaves or wait for a big incident and then go to a very formal process? 

There is another option which is to get involved and mediate an effective outcome; one that moves everyone on and closes out the issues once and for all.  This option needs three things: specific tools to use, practised skills and the confidence to act.

Most management training doesn’t equip people to actually deal with the reality of toxic situations - our programme does.


Workshops with a big difference.

During our Mediating Conflict courses participants are fully immersed in realistic and relevant conflicts, ones that they will recognise from their workplace.

The scenarios are brought to life by our professional drama trainers, and throughout the course the participants develop their skills and competence in using our four step mediation process to navigate their way to a positive outcome.

Delegate experience

“I couldn’t believe it when the actor started crying. It was really difficult but I stuck with it and got the outcome needed.”

We blend conflict resolution expertise with professional acting to ensure the experience is both technically sound and authentic. The intensive course builds participants’ skills and confidence as our drama facilitators increase the challenge levels. They bring to life the full array of reactions and emotions that are associated with conflict situations enabling the group to effectively deal with each and every scenario.

Mediation Process MODEL

A very challenging but supportive learning environment is created which enables people to go beyond their comfort zone and build the resilience needed.

Whether you are looking to equip people with what is increasingly becoming an essential management skill set or you’re aiming to build a team of internal mediators who can be called on as required; one of our Mediating Conflict courses can work for you.

“I attended the two day Mediating Conflict course with 2macs.  It was one of the most engaging courses I have attended.  It achieved a balance of providing practical theory and learning through discussion, observation and ‘trying it out’ with actors.  I won’t use the words ‘role play’ as that instils fear! This was fun, challenging and really effective.  The course has helped me to think differently and deal with conflict and mediation in a much more objective, straightforward and practical way.  At first I thought two days was going to be too long for this.  However, it flew past and was well worth investing the time.”

Claire Atkins Director of HR, Muckle LLP

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