Making lean work

Creating more value
Taking less steps

Done a lean work course before? Oh good. Have you ended up with:

  • A tidier work place but no real improvement on costs
  • Nobody wanting to hear the word “lean” ever again
  • People doing the wrong things faster 
  • Improvement specialists getting annoyed with people going back to their old ways
  • Automated processes that have stripped out every ounce of customer value

This is what new clients often present us with so don’t worry you’re not alone!

So if you’ve got to this point or you’re apprehensive that a lean programme will lead to this type of scenario, Making Lean Work course is the right thing for you.


Using our model of People Make Lean Work™ we work in partnership with clients to make a positive impact on the key levers of:

  • Clarity of strategic direction – the need for change
  • Engagement through creating momentum
  • Visible and felt leadership

Our work is firmly rooted in Hoshin Kanri principles. The activation of change through clarifying breakthrough objectives and then cascading those objectives throughout every business function and level.

Whilst we upskill people on the tools and techniques of lean, that is only one building block in the change process. We activate change and embed it in as “business as usual” by using our Lean Change Model.

Lean Implementation MODEL

The model is a framework to build personal capability for individuals, team competence and ultimately organisational capacity. The added value is that this capacity does not only lead lean change but enables people to have the clarity, mindset and skills to effectively deal with other challenges or opportunities to improve.

We build a tailored programme of training, coaching and mentoring for each client and elements of the lean work course include:

Lean Leader – a specific programme for senior leaders who are required to support the process of change and crucially provide direction, challenge and support to make changes happen.

Lean Practitioner – a core element is building capability in using the lean tools and techniques. The Lean Practitioner course builds skills in using the tools and importantly when each tool is the most appropriate. Each individual is given a good understanding of the toolkit as well as change management factors and how they are to contribute to the overall change strategy.

Lean Coaching – upholding the lean principle of going to the ‘gemba’ we provide lean coaching support for individuals to help them define, plan, execute and evaluate specific improvement projects. This critical element of the programme of change ensures that people achieve successes and are confident to take on more changes in the future.

Change Agent MODEL

Delegate experience

“I liked the way the course was tailored to my specific role.”