Developing leaders and managers

Getting the most from today
Being better tomorrow

Developing leaders and managers is a pretty broad subject covering lots of different specific topics – but our approach is always the same; we begin with the end in mind. 

Firstly we ask what do you want leaders and managers to do differently? What results do they need to deliver? What will people be doing and saying; how will they be acting and reacting if everything is how you want it to be? 

Next we do a reality check and ask what’s the current reality? 

We then design a course to meet a distinct need or a programme of courses to develop the mindset, skills and competencies to improve overall performance, impact and contribution.



Often clients will have a specific training need and they want us to design and deliver a short course on that topic. We start by understanding the outcomes needed and the context in which the target group are working, it’s all about making the learning relevant.

We design a course that’s going to engage the group and crucially make a difference. Short courses are typically half or one day in duration and here are some recent courses that we have designed for clients:

  • Real leadership
  • Commercial insight
  • Leading change
  • Coaching skills
  • Dignity at work
  • Performance conversations
  • Stress management
  • Handling politics in the workplace
  • Interviewing skills
  • Discipline and grievance
  • Presentation skills
  • Personal impact and influence


Some clients have broader or more complex requirements such that a single course wouldn’t meet the need. In these situations we design a programme comprising courses on specific topics often in combination with individual and/or group coaching and some activity to help pull together and apply what’s been learnt e.g. an Improvement Project.

Recent programmes designed for clients include:

Sage Gateshead

  • The programme comprises courses and group coaching sessions. The workshops topics being:
    • Leading change
    • Commercial awareness
    • Building a customer based improvement culture
    • Coaching for engagement and performance

HB Projects

  • Courses and 1:1 coaching sessions. The workshop topics being:
    • Impact, influence & communication
    • Persuasion & negotiation
    • Managing conflict & difficult situations

Delegate experience

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