Capturing strengths
Releasing potential

Whether as part of a wider programme or stand alone, coaching is a proven means of tailoring development and getting learning off the page.

There are lots of different approaches to coaching and ours is to keep it simple. We work with people to help them:

  • Get clarity 
  • Navigate complexity 
  • Utilise their capabilities 
  • Make stuff happen!

Coaching Services

The coaching services we offer fall into three broad categories:

Leadership coaching

Individual coaching with a focus on personal performance, development, career, people leadership and management. Often used to help individuals meet the expectations of their current role, to enhance the impact of their role or to prepare them for their next promotion.

Group coaching

Taking the best parts from action learning (collaboratively working on real issues, practical focus) but with a greater focus on developing the mindsets, skills and habits of the group.

Always used as a part of a development programme, the group coaching sessions enable people to fast track the transfer of learning. We do this by working with the group to apply concepts and ideas to their presenting issues which delivers results and builds their adaptive capacity for the future.

Workplace coaching

People often leave training sessions with the best of intentions and a well-crafted to do list. However, for some topics (Safety Coaching and Lean Improvements) there is nothing more impactful than coaching support in the workplace to practice skills and apply tools and techniques.


Coach Development

We also work with organisations to develop their internal coaching capability as part of our Developing leaders and managers Service.  Typically this entails a mixture of training and coaching support for nominated groups plus work with the HR / OD team(s) to understand and address the strategic and infrastructure implications of developing a coaching culture.

This approach reflects our experience that coaching cultures don’t just emerge as a results training line managers to coach, there are a whole series of wider environmental factors that need to be addressed if “taking a coaching approach” is to end up being “the way we do things around here”.

This ILM report on Creating a Coaching Culture describes how a range of organisations define these ‘environmental factors’ and some of the practical steps they have taken to align them to encourage managers to take a coaching approach”

Click on the image to open and download your own copy.