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The coaching services we offer fall into three broad categories: leadership and management coaching, group coaching and workplace coaching.

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Leadership and management coaching

Individual coaching with a focus on personal performance, development, career aspirations and goals, people leadership and management.

Often used to help individuals meet the expectations of their current role, to enhance the impact of their role or to prepare them for their next promotion.

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Group coaching

Taking the best parts from action learning (collaboratively working on real issues while retaining a practical focus) we add in a structured approach which helps to develop the mindsets and skills of the group.

Either as a stand-alone activity or as part of a development programme, the group coaching sessions enable people to fast track the transfer of learning. We do this by working with the group to apply concepts and ideas to their presenting issues which delivers results and builds their adaptive capacity for the future.

This is particularly effective with management teams as the insights and skills that they gain can be used in other interactions such as joint problem solving, strategy development or even conflict resolution.

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Workplace coaching

People often leave training sessions with the best of intentions and a well-crafted ‘to do list’.

However, for some topics such as Safety Coaching and Lean Improvements, there is nothing more impactful than coaching support in the workplace to practice skills and apply tools and techniques.

Client feedback
For years I have struggled with imposter syndrome, something which I feel has held me back in applying for promotion opportunities at work. With the support of coaching from Audrey, I was able to work through this challenge and succeeded at interview for my dream job as an NHS Director! Huge thank you to Audrey.
Amy Muldoon NHS