SSE describe how 2macs help embed their safety culture:

Following the implementation of a behavioural based safety programme across the SSE Group, our operational supervisors were identified as a group of colleagues who needed support and development towards how they coach their teams in working safely. We were looking for a new approach and an innovative practical way to engage supervisors.

2macs first appeared at our annual safety conferences and immediately hit the mark with the delegates. Their approach, style and ‘down to earth’ delivery was exactly what our supervisor coaching programme required.

Working with 2macs to plan the programme was interactive and relatively straightforward due to their knowledge and experience in our business sector. SSE is a diverse business and within each area 2macs worked hard to design and deliver programmes that met specific business requirements and reflected the challenges our supervisors faced daily.

2macs delivered our supervisor coaching programme to over 1,800 operational supervisors over two years. The programme used case studies and scenarios built around incidents which were real to our business.

The 2macs actors delivered hard messages in a style our supervisors related to – down to earth, practical and realistic. What made a massive difference for us was 2macs could speak with experience of our business sector and were knowledgeable of the challenges facing front line supervisors. Delegates left the two-days with new skills learnt in the classroom and then put in to practice on-site in real workplace situations with their teams.

The 2macs coaching programme has made a significant difference to how our supervisors now operate. It has also raised the awareness across the organisation of the power coaching techniques can have when engaging with each other.

Many of the techniques learnt have now been incorporated into our new 1st and 2nd line manager development programmes.

A number of years later, colleagues still talk about the 2macs programme, referring to TEDs and coaching techniques they learnt and now use daily.

Our reporting of potential incidents has increased and there is a greater level of openness amongst all supervisory levels. Also, our staff engagement scores continue to be over 80%.