Incident Investigation Training for Breedon Aggregates:

Breedon Aggregates is the UK’s largest independent aggregates company, employing more than 1,200 people across the UK supplying materials to the construction and building sectors.

We have been working with Breedon for several years and have successfully delivered a number of ‘Health & Safety Roadshows’, which saw our trainers delivering drama based safety awareness sessions across eight sites in Scotland. The aim of these roadshows was to further develop an open and honest safety culture based on coaching and learning.

Scott McDonald, Breedon’s Head of Safety, Health, Environment & Quality stated: “As a result of these sessions we saw health & safety awareness amongst staff increase generally and we saw a 200% increase in the company’s ‘near miss reporting’ which demonstrates an open culture with people willing to learn.”

Scott was keen to capitalise further on these fresh insights. To get the most out of this wealth of information he aimed to develop the skills of his senior management team in the area of Incident Investigation. Scott wanted the company, and the staff, to have shared, standard procedures and a consistent approach to the Incident Investigation process.

“I wanted all of our staff operating on the same playing field, following the same methodology and practices,” explained Scott.

Above other Incident Investigation products on the market Scott chose ours.

“I went back to Macnaughton McGregor because of the excellent results we’d previously had and I liked the course structure and format they proposed.”

Our two-day Incident Investigation programme provided Scott’s team with a range of real practical investigative tools that could be used in a number of different potential incident scenarios. The course instilled the kind of rigorous analytical thinking that is essential for the identification of critical factors and the tracing of root causes.

We only really know that people understand something when they are able to demonstrate it. One of the things that set our course apart for Scott was its use of our drama based incident simulation that ran across the entire two days. Through this the team were able to analyse many different forms of evidence, including permits to work, management safety policies, site schematics and practice the difficult techniques of witness interviewing.

“The drama used by Macnaughton McGregor was the stand-out difference that made this training a success” Scott explained.

“It was very useful to us on a practical level as delegates could see an incident played out in front of them with the advantage of being able to ask questions as the drama unfolded.

“Not all real-life situations or individuals are the same, and people react differently in these situations so it was important that our team learnt a number of different techniques to be able to deal with as many potential scenarios as possible.

“The drama and interaction Macnaughton McGregor included made the training very hands-on which was very engaging and a great aid to our learning. You really felt as though you were in an actual real-life situation.”

The main aim of incident investigation is to learn and change things for the
better. Working with the evidence gathered by the team during the two days we took them through what makes a good incident report and how to formulate real tangible changes that eliminate immediate, basic and root causes.

“The training was very much ‘real-life’ as oppose to ‘power-point learning’ and really was like a breath of fresh air. We’re delighted with the outcomes.”

Scott McDonald

Head of Safety, Health, Environment & Quality