Supporting the opening of a new Aspers casino:

Founded in the early 2000s by business chairman Damian Aspinall, Aspers Casinos have taken the ‘traditional’ casino experience and translated it into a whole new ‘leisure experience’; specifically designed with the ‘modern’ demands of both the ‘gamer’ and the ‘gaming’ requirements of today, at the heart of their thinking.

Xscape Milton Keynes is the Group’s fourth casino, which opened on 5th September 2013 and only the second ‘super casino’ (the other being in Stratford City, London) …… so the ‘pressure was on to ‘get this right’ from the start and create an amazing customer experience from the very beginning!

Wanting to create a solid team ethic from day one, the major challenge for this casino was to create a mutual understanding and appreciation of each departments roles and collective responsibilities; thereby eliminating any traditionally experienced gaps developing between the ‘Hospitality’ & ‘Gaming’ teams.

Creating a ‘seamless’ customer experience that would be both exciting and unique was a key success driver and essential if the casino was to achieve its aim “To be the Number One leisure destination in Milton Keynes”.

Nigel Hartland, the General Manager at the time of the opening was passionate that his casino was going “to ensure Consistent Repeat Custom by delivering the Best Service throughout all levels of the organisation”…. So the challenge was on!

Having already built a strong relationship with Aspers, Macnaughton McGregor were keen to support the launch of this new site and knew the importance of having a robust ‘Induction’ programme that would work!

The desired outcomes for the Customer Service Managers’ training intervention were to offer sessions that would introduce new skills and concepts, challenge some ‘traditional’ thought processes and elevate existing knowledge/skills; whilst engendering confidence, positivity and a feeling of empowerment to apply and develop both the Manager’s themselves and their team competences right from the ‘off’!

Macnaughton McGregor designed and facilitated a ‘tailored’ Managers Activation Programme (MAP) where the Managers’ from all departments were brought together and through a variety of initiatives started to learn the ‘true’ meaning of ‘collaborative working’.

The results were there to see when on the ‘official’ launch date over 3,500 customers walked through the Casino MK’s doors to be welcomed by a cohesive, enthusiastic team, keen and equipped to create a customer experience all customers would truly want to repeat…