The British Antarctic Survey

The British Antarctic Survey


The BAS teams have to live and work together at the South Pole, often for many months at a time. This can heighten issues such as personality clashes or poor interpersonal skills.  The 2macs programmes highlighted some of the challenges that dealing with such issues, whilst living in close proximity, can bring. They explored the impact that such conflict can have on team morale and worked with delegates to develop appropriate daily strategies.


The workshops used interactive drama techniques to recreate potential scenarios and to equip the delegates with new skills in order to head off potential clashes before they appear.  Conflict management skills formed an integral element of the learning, equipping attendees with a personal tool kit to draw upon should the need arise.


“2macs were able to give our team a good understanding of why good teamwork is critical to our success in a remote and hostile environment and, equally importantly, the potential impact when things go wrong.   We are confident that our staff are departing for Antarctica better equipped to deal with the challenges they will face.”

David Wattam

Logistics Co-ordinator