Breedon Aggregates Scotland

Breedon Aggregates Scotland


“Towards the end of 2012, Breedon Aggregates Scotland started to look at how to further develop the Health & Safety culture within the company. We wanted to demonstrate management commitment to improving safety and to achieve a sustainable Interdependent Health & Safety Culture. In January 2013 we organised the 1st Yearly Health & Safety Roadshow to visit all parts of our business; employing the experts Macnaughton McGregor.


Using drama based training, actors played the parts of fictitious workers within the quarrying and construction industry. The scenario brought to life how one of the workers took risks, and cut corners in the belief that he was helping the company, but ultimately was putting his own safety at risk. “The audience were engaged and made to feel part of the scenario. In doing so it left a lasting impression on the individuals, and made them question their own behavioural decisions.


Following the roadshow our Near Miss Reporting increased by 200% and has stayed consistently at a high level, giving us a clear indication that people are being vigilant and importantly working on improvements. Breedon Aggregates Scotland has now completed three Health & Safety roadshows with Macnaughton McGregor, the lost time injury frequency rates (LTIFR) have reduced and the awareness of all the employees has increased as the business continues the journey to a sustainable interdependent Health & Safety Culture.”

Scott McDonald

Senior Health & Safety Manager Scotland