Target Zero

Zero? You’re not in the real world…. by Shaun Curry The concept of Target Zero first started to gain traction many years ago. It was the simple philosophy that an organisation would aim to create an environment which was injury and incident free.      A great aim but right from the outset there were degrees of […]

Heart and minds – is that enough?

Drama-based behavioural safety training is mainly focused on hearts and minds. 2macs’ Shaun Curry asks is this enough? Does sustainable change need more? Can organisations afford to rely on these types of events, in isolation, to deliver the safety culture they are trying to create?

HR Newsletter #120 June 2018

June 2018 update explaining the findings and implications of the Pimlico Plumbers ruling plus a reminder of Gender Pay Gap reporting requirements and a refresher on the way the calculations need to be completed.

HR Newsletter #119 May 2018

May’s employment update covering the latest news on the implementation of the government’s childcare scheme; annual updates on statutory pay amounts and guidance on dress code and an explanation of the implications of a recent EAT decision on shared parental leave and discrimination law.

HR Newsletter #117 March 2018

An employment update covering the Childcare Tax-Free Scheme; employment status checks; itemised payslips for casual workers and the latest changes to PILON and NMW rates