Safety coaching

Bringing in the drama
Taking out the crisis

To make a real difference people need to leave safety coaching training better equipped to deal with their everyday safety issues; with new and improved skills to impact on the safety behaviour of their people.

Our Safety Coaching course is high impact, with immediate benefits, and the one that always makes a big difference to our clients’ businesses. Our team has the unrivalled expertise and experience necessary to transform the engagement skills of your key people.  

Our drama techniques are fun, memorable, engaging and above all they work.  Alongside solid and proven theory, our trainers use them in a unique way to thoroughly address hard hitting and difficult issues.


Safety Coaching programmes are tailored for your needs, depending on what you want to achieve and the current skill level of your target group.

The courses are designed for first line managers and supervisors who have the highest frequency of contact with individuals “on the ground”, and therefore make a powerful impact on the cultural norms, or “how we do things around here”.

There are options for half, one and two day courses all of which use high impact drama based learning, coupled with training on skills and how to integrate safety processes into effective safety conversations.

Half day: either as an introduction to Safety Coaching or as a refresher for people with existing skills and experience, this high impact course takes people through an interactive tailored case study. Working with our experienced behavioural safety facilitators the group are taken through the process of engaging and recognising the impact of recognisable behaviours, reflecting on personal ownership and committing to individual and group changes.

One day: the first session is as illustrated above and this foundation is built on further with interactive sessions to build knowledge and skills in building engagement with others, having impactful and positive effective safety conversations and using safety processes in an integrated and effective way. Each person leaves the training course with a personal action plan to help them transfer their learning to where it matters, their workplace.

Two day: completion of day one as illustrated above but rather than leave people to make the transition of new skills and behaviours into the workplace, we support them with onsite coaching. This two-day option of the Safety Coaching programme builds the skills, confidence and commitment necessary to create, improve and sustain an effective safety culture.

The second day element of the course isn’t found in other behavioural safety training, and it’s the aspect that embeds real change and drives the biggest shifts in behaviour. The newly skilled managers and supervisors often see the workplace from a new perspective.


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