Real leadership

Alive to the future
Thriving now

Everyone agrees on the need for visible and felt leadership so time, training, effort (and money) gets ploughed into development. Leaving your leaders more reflective but are they more effective? This is where our corporate leadership coaching programme comes in.

Self awareness, authenticity, mindfulness are all key components in helping leaders to develop but we believe the time is right to knit together these aspects with the hard reality and the tangible needs of the business.

This bespoke corporate leadership coaching programme starts with the reality of where each individual is “here and now”, their personality, their strengths, weaknesses, aspirations as well as the immediate presenting issues.  

Using the 2macs REAL Leadership Framework we develop the mindset and capabilities to enable each leader to interpret the  future, clarify direction and importantly start making a difference now.


Leaders without followers are little more than figureheads and they have limited use in any organisation that needs “more leadership”.

To engage followers and encourage them to not only come on the journey but to be instrumental in making things happen requires trust. It requires a compelling sense of purpose that can withstand the storms encountered – and for that leaders need to be believable. The best way to be believable to the most people for  the longest time is to be real; and that is what this programme is all about.

The corporate leadership coaching course is delivered over an 8 week period with workshops to catalyse learning totalling 4 days. Development is continued with group or individual coaching options.

Underpinned by the 2macs REAL Leadership Framework each course is tailored to the client’s context and delivered in a responsive way to meet the needs of each individual participant.


Real Leadership MODEL


The leadership development programme is divided into three parts:

Part 1 – Personal Insight

This one day workshop uses a range of tools and indicators to help leaders get a sense of perspective on their strengths, preferences and how they are and may be perceived by others. This session is tailored to each organisation and can integrate existing tools such as 360° feedback.

Part 2 – You as a Leader

A two day workshop which uses a blend of approaches to explore concepts like followership; engagement; group dynamics and the role of leaders in more contemporary structures that demand cross boundary working.

To activate personal change in an impactful way the event incorporates drama based learning techniques which help participants to recognise leadership opportunities, better understand the impact they have as individuals and develop their own range of techniques and approaches to make these “moments of leadership truth” work for them. The session culminates in the identification of a series of specific actions for delegates to take away and implement.

Part 3 – How have you led?

The final one day workshop is held 4-5 weeks after Part 2 and is designed as a review point. Agreed actions and improvements are reviewed and concepts and principles revisited in light of the practical reality. This component is key to ensuring the meaningful transfer of learning and the realising of returns on the money and time invested in the programme.